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  • To discuss the impact of advertisements

  • To describe target market for own activity/campaign using demographic information

  • To analyse a range of marketing resources to plan a promotional activity



  • Discussion on course structure, units, requirements and expectations

  • Examples of effective advertisement. Students will complete a simple analysis of a range of adverts

  • Team Challenge – completing an advertising campaign for the re-branding of a selected business based on data analysis and competitor information

  • Review and presentations followed by awards for best performance.







Merlin Entertainments PLC ( is a multinational business with 62.9 million customers in 2015 ( As a PLC (Public Limited Company), its shares are traded on the London stock exchange. In 2015, Merlin Entertainments was the largest European entertainments company and had 110 attractions in 23 countries (


TASK 1: Write an introduction to Merlin Entertainments PLC, please include a description of the following. Please support your work with pictures/ images/ relevant diagrams:

  • A brief introduction to the company, what it is and what it does, the brands that it operates

  • A little bit of history of the company

  • The aims and objectives of the company (called Growth Drivers)

  • A description of the three strands of the business- ‘Theme Parks’, ‘Midway Attractions’ and ‘Resorts’

  • The locations

  • Who are Merlin’s key competitors? What market share do they hold?

  • It’s competitive advantage e.g. exclusive tie ins with The BBC and Dreamworks

  • The financial status of the business

  • The Merlin digital guest journey

  • Growth plans


TASK 2: Merlin Entertainments is a Public Limited Company, you should carry out some research and then complete the following tasks:

  • What is a Public Limited Company? Provide a clear explanation

  • What are the main advantages and disadvantages TO MERLIN of operating as a PLC?

  • What benefits to Merlin’s shareholders receive?


TASK 3: Using the Annual Report 2015 there is a link on (username elizabeth, password Woodville) and any other relevant research complete the following:

  • Identify the seven strands of The Merlin Way and the seven values that contribute towards this

  • Describe how Merlin motivates it’s staff (Employee engagement)

  • Describe how it recruits and trains it’s staff

  • Describe the employee benefits of working at Merlin

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Mr Martin

Transition Task 2

How did The Smiler crash imoact Alton Towers?- Use eveidence to back up your answer.