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  • Be able to carry out an acid-base titration

  • Be able to obtain titre values within 0.20cm3 and use these results to calculate an unknown concentration

  • Be able to discuss and explain why a particular indicator was chosen



  • Mole calculations including ones involving solutions

  • Perform In acid-base titration

  • Analysis of results to calculate the unknown concentration

  • Evaluation of the experiment

  • Discussion of the various types of indicators






All students find the transition from GCSE to Year 12 Chemistry difficult but revision of GCSE work over the summer together with some additional preparatory work can make this transition considerably easier. You are expected to complete the CPG book “Headstart to A Level Chemistry” ready to hand in fully completed in the first lesson back. The book can be purchased from the following places:

  • CPG Website

  • Amazon

  • Waterstones

  • WH Smiths


The book costs approximately £5.00. Any students with financial concerns about purchasing this book should speak to Dr. Radford after the induction lesson.



  • Periodic Table - see specification for correct version - this can be printed off from the OCR website

  • GCSE notes and revision book



  • Download the specification for OCR Chemistry A and look through what you will study.

  • Research the history of the Periodic Table from early conception to the present day, including the work of Lavoisier, Dobereiner, Mendeleev and Newlands amongst others.

  • Understand the three branches of Chemistry - Physical, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry.


BUT, Chemistry needs to become a passion, most of you won’t get this from a CGP book or a textbook so:-

  • Read Science related magazines such as “New Scientist” and “Chemistry Today.”

  • Research Science related websites to develop your broader interest and understanding of Science generally and Chemistry in particular.

  • Read the biographies/find out about the lives of famous Chemists in the past. Who are the key scientific figures in the field of Chemistry today?




You will have an assessment in class based upon the work completed over the summer


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Dr Radford

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