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You are expected to attend school on all school days from 8.45am until 3.20pm, other than when absence is unavoidable. We expect ypu to attend all lessons and to ensure that you arrive on time and participate fully in all activities relating to your subjects and enrichment courses.

If you are absent from school you should inform your tutor and/or subject teachers of any planned absence in advance. If you are unwell please contact the school as early as possible on the first day of unforeseen absence. On your return to school please ensure that any work missed is discussed with your subject teachers and appropriate action is taken to complete it.  


Attitude and Behaviour

We expect you behave in the manner befitting of senior and influential students in the school and in a way that would be expected of an employee in a professional working environment.

During your non contact time you should make appropriate use of the Sixth Form private study facilities and adopt a quiet working atmosphere when using other learning environments.


Dress Code

Our dress code can be found on the school website.  



Use private study time in school effectively to ensure all homework and coursework deadlines are met. You should complete all set work to the best of your ability, going beyond the minimum set in class through wider reading and independent private study. We advise that you work with your tutor to keep up to date and have regular academic mentoring appointments to ensure your progress is tracked and support is actioned as required.


You can expect the following

  • We provide high quality teaching and learning opportunities which are appropriate to the final examinations and reflect your progress and ability.

  • We provide facilities for independent and private study in school, wider research, background reading and recreation time.

  • We provide opportunities for wider development and experiences.

  • We provide leadership and other opportunities for responsibility within the school.

  • We provide guidance and academic mentoring

  • We will motivate and encourage you to achieve the best level of performance.

  • We provide an introduction to, and preparation for, life after Sixth Form, such as employment opportunities or application to the higher education system.  


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