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An overview of the A Level History course







Research task on the history of Germany 1871-1918


1) Create a timeline of key events. (1 hour)


2) In 1,500 words explain how Germany had changed politically, economically and socially 1871-1918. (3 hours research + 1 hour to write)


The transition task provides context to one side of the course. We recommend purchasing the following in advance and reading the first chapter of each book.


Oxford AQA History Democracy & Nazism: Germany 1918-1945, Robert Whitfield


Oxford AQA History The Tudors: England 1485-1603, 1945 Michael Tillbrook






Explain why Henry VII won the Battle of Bosworth (25 marks)

Students must conduct their own research into this question. They should aim to produce about 500 words in explanation of their answer- 3 paragraphs containing one reason each (3 reasons total).

The best answers will make a judgement about which reason was most important and show how the three reasons link together.


Books to use:

A Pickering Lancastrians to Tudors: England 1450-1509

C Pendrill Wars of the Roses and Henry VII

C Rogers and R Turvey Access to History: Henry VII  

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Transition Task 2