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An overview of the A Level Photography course



Students will be given information about course structure and have the opportunity to meet year 13 photographers


Students will go and photograph a found Alphabet around school environment to spell the word ‘Photography’






  • Find a photographer that has used photography to create a found Alphabet.

  • You are to present a plan for your Alphabet, the plan should include information about the ideas and concepts behind your work.

  • You should discuss where when and how you intend to take the photos for your Alphabet.

  • Give initial consideration as to how you see yourself presenting the Alphabet

  • Present your own Alphabet through recording using a digital camera.

You are to visually make the selection through the view finder in the first instance, without the reliance on photoshop or other photo manipulation programs. If you intend to use photoshop to develop final images then you must present the initial photos for assessment too. This is an exercise in ‘looking’ and not Photoshop


Opportunities to create and interesting photograph

  • Cropping

  • Viewpoint

  • Lighting

  • Positive space

  • Negative Space

  • Shadow

  • Colour

  • Line


For the first lesson back you must present your alphabet. Consider how you would like to present your work, you can be as innovative as you like. Consider where when and how you created the Alphabet, consider the experience you had, where you were, how long it took to create. How can you make your Alphabet creation original? Be prepared to do a small presentation to the class about the experience of creating your Alphabet.








Create an A5 book of photographs that inspire you.

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Mrs Hedges

Transition Task 2