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The nature of sociology and the role of socialisation in society



Understand the nature of sociology and the OCR course


Recognise the importance of culture and society on our socialisation



Introduction to sociology as an subject – the sociological approach


The importance of socialisation and the nature of culture – examples and case studies


Preparation for the transition task






Historical comparison of Youth subcultures


TASK 1: Youth subcultures in the past

You are required to carry out research into two of these youth subcultures from the past TEDDY BOYS – MODS/ROCKERS –HIPPIES - SKINHEADS - PUNKS - GOTHS - RAVERS


Use the following questions as a guide to what to include.

  • When did the subculture emerge in the UK?

  • What were the style, dress and behaviour of the young people involved in the subculture?

  • What were the major music, dance and other social behaviour features of the group?

  • How did society react to the subculture –the media, public, police etc

  • What is sociologists views on these subcultures(see references below)

  • Write an overview for each of the subcultures you investigate including reference to relevant sociological research.


Write an overview for each of the subcultures you investigate including reference to relevant sociological research.


These should be typed with images of the groups selected and have a minimum of 2-3 sides of A4 for each subculture - include a bibliography (to show you have used a range of sources – at least 3 separate sources for each)


You will be asked to contribute your findings to a group discussion during the first few lessons


TASK 2: Research into 'tattoo culture'

The seemingly increasing rise of tattoo’s in today’s culture is a cultural phenomenon and linked to changing norms in society – the acceptance of tattooing is relative to time and place.


For this task answer the following questions using internet research

1 How widespread is tattooing in today’s culture – trends in tattooing – age groups etc

2 How has tattooing as a cultural phenomenon changed historically? – compare today’s fashion culture of tattooing to previous groups associated with tattooing

3 How do role models in society promote the culture – role of celebrities, tattoo models etc

4 To what extent is tattooing now socially acceptable – discuss how tattooing is supported by sub-cultures etc. – compared to situations where tattooing is less acceptable – workplace etc.


You may use images to support your answers – you will be marked on the effectiveness of your answers, the extent of your research and the ability to write a coherent account/argument



Useful resources to support the completion of task 1: sociologists to research as a starting point

  • Brake (1977) Hippies and Skinheads

  • Hebdige Punks

  • Stan Cohen – mods and rockers

  • Cohen and Clarke skinheads

  • Hall and Jefferson/ Fyvel – Teddy Boys

  • Hodkinson (2005) Goths

  • Bennett (2001) Ravers



Use the BBC news website to keep up to date with contemporary social issues






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