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Understand the nature of sociology and the OCR course


Recognise the importance of culture and society on our socialisation



Introduction to sociology as an subject – the sociological approach


The importance of socialisation and the nature of culture – examples and case studies


Preparation for the transition task






Historical comparison of Youth subcultures


Part 1 Youth subcultures in the past

You are required to carry out research into two of these youth subcultures from the past TEDDY BOYS – MODS/ROCKERS –HIPPIES - SKINHEADS - PUNKS - GOTHS - RAVERS


Use the following questions as a guide to what to include.

  • When did the subculture emerge in the UK?

  • What were the style, dress and behaviour of the young people involved in the subculture?

  • What were the major music, dance and other social behaviour features of the group?

  • How did society react to the subculture –the media, public, police etc

  • What is sociologists views on these subcultures(see references below)

  • Write an overview for each of the subcultures you investigate including reference to relevant sociological research.


These should be typed with images of the groups selected and have a minimum of 2-3 sides of A4 for each subculture - include a bibliography (to show you have used a range of sources – at least 4 separate sources for each)


Part 2 Comparison with today

  • How do these subcultures compare to your experience of youth subcultures in today’s society? – what is similar – what has changed?

  • What distinguishes the culture of young people today? – what are the main pre-occupations, cultural symbols etc

  • This is a reflective piece considering how culture affects you as a young person in todays’ society – 1- 2 sides of A4



Useful resources to support the completion of this task: sociologists to research as a starting point

  • Brake (1977) Hippies and Skinheads

  • Hebdige Punks

  • Stan Cohen – mods and rockers

  • Cohen and Clarke skinheads

  • Hall and Jefferson/ Fyvel – Teddy Boys

  • Hodkinson (2005) Goths

  • Bennett (2001) Ravers





Cultural norms vary from time to time and from place to place for this task you are to research and write up 2 examples – each example should be approx. one side of A4 in your own words

Time to time – Investigate via the internet Childhood in the 19th century and Childhood today – what differences are there?

Place to place – Investigate via the internet the restriction on women’s rights in Saudi Arabia – produce an outline comparison to women’s rights in UK – how does the experience of women differ and what change is taking place?

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Transition Task 2